Our 5 most popular recipes, revealed

We’ve got hundreds of recipes on Lollipop, but there are some dishes that our community can’t get enough of.

Discover our most frequently purchased meals below — plus what our community has said about them!

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No. 5: Pizza Flatbreads

Chris: “I enjoyed making these - super quick and easy! Chopped up some skin-on potatoes for chips and put them in 20m beforehand as a nice side.”

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No. 4: Pesto Pasta

Photini: “This recipe with some tweaking makes a great pasta salad. We ate the leftovers cold alongside another salad the next day.”

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No. 3: Loaded Nachos

​​Jo: “Easy to make and fun to eat!”

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No. 2: 15-Minute Chicken & Halloumi Burgers

Beth: “Tasty and quick, but there’s a lot in there 🤣 would recommend kitchen roll with them!”

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No. 1: Nasi Goreng Chicken Stir-Fry

Sarah: “It was fab!”

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