The monthly wrap: March 2022

Wow, this month has been a big one for Lollipop. We’ve seen the launch of two new spaces — our online community forum and our new London office!

More on that below, plus we'll fill you in on the latest Lollipop features. With the chance to build your own recipes and manage your meals in our new Cook section, now you can truly make Lollipop your own. We can't wait to hear what you think.

Lollipop community creations in March 🤩

🚀 What's new this month?

Our chefs have been designing some new super speedy meals. Whether you’re veggie, pescatarian or looking to dine on a budget, we have recipes for everyone. Check out our new LollipopFAST recipes now, like Tortellini with Butter Sauce, pictured below.

🆕 New features

A space to meet like-minded cooks

When we first started Lollipop, parents told us about how lonely it can be getting lumped with the weekly shop. We’ve been building community into our product ever since, which is why we’re super excited to launch the new Lollipop forum! If you haven’t visited already, swing by the forum now via your Lollipop homepage and join the conversation ➡️

Mark recipes as cooked

This month we officially launched Cook Mode, a new section of the site where you can see all the recipes you’ve purchased to help you in the kitchen. In response to your feedback, you can now mark each recipe as ‘cooked’ once you’ve made it so you can easily see what’s left in your Lollipop larder. You can also save a recipe you love as a favourite, and share it with your friends.

Build your own recipe

We’ve created a way for you to build a meal from scratch! This means you can save all the ingredients you need for everyday classics (cheesy jacket potato anyone?), add recipes from your favourite cook books or share your very own recipe creation. You can name your meal as you please and even add a photo. Time to get creative 🎨

Add a side to any recipe

You told us that some recipes needed a little extra something to fill hungry tums — whether that’s a bowl of chips or a side salad. Now, you can edit a recipe in your meal plan to add any ingredients you like as a side.

😍 What have you been cooking?

Your #lollipopshop photos are looking as delicious as ever. There has been a lot of love on the forum for the Honey, Sesame & Orange King Prawns in particular! Discover the recipes below and checkout more community pics on the Forum.

Recipe links from left to right:

Healthy Egg Fried Rice

Honey, Sesame & Orange King Prawns

Spiced Lamb Chops with Coconut Rice and Mango Salsa

Crab and Asparagus Pappardelle

🍭 Team Lollipop update

The Lollipop team have officially moved into our new HQ, with riverside views, cosy sofas and a particularly lovely kitchen. It’s the perfect place for us to keep developing delicious recipes for you all and we can’t wait to share more pics once we’re settled in.

One of our founders puts the latest LollipopFAST recipes to the test at our new HQ

See you here next month 👋